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Jongmin  |  2022.07

The Macintosh is a family of personal computers designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Inc.

 since January 1984. Mac has an innovative product design that has been passed down to the present day.

I turned the design into 29 attractive illustrations. Each illustration clearly expresses the characteristics of Mac.

I create illustrations, and I was able to revisit the beautiful design of Mac. I hope this work can inspire you.


I made a design of a Mac computer with organized graphics.

This project is 28 types from Apple 1 to Mac Studio.

맥 컴퓨터의 디자인을 아이콘 형식으로 정리한 작업니다.

Apple1 부터 Mac Studio까지 총 28종입니다.

01_apple 1.png
01_apple 2GS.png
01_macintosh protable.png
01_quadra 700.png
01_quadra 900.png
01_powerbook 150.png
01_macintosh tv.png
01_power macintosh.png
01_powerbook 150.png
01_20 year anniversary mac.png
01_power macintosh g3.png
01_power mac G4 cube.png
01_imac g4.png
01_imac g3.png
01_power macintosh g5.png
01_aluminum powerbook g4.png
01_imac g5.png
01_imac retina.png
01_macbook air.png
01_mac mini.png
01_mac pro.png
01_mac pro tower.png
01_macbook pro.png
01_m1 imac.png
01_mac studio.png
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